NAM Forecast 1 AM EST Saturday

If you’ve been wondering why you’re so thirsty the past few days or been suffering numerous static shocks, wonder no more.  The air is very dry across southern New England.  As of 3 PM, the dewpoint at BDL is -10.  With a temperature of 22 degrees, this gives them relative humidity of 23%.  Now, take that same air, bring it indoors, and heat it up to 70 degrees. Now the relative humidity in your home/business is 3.7%!

An upper-level short wave approaches the area tonight (circled in purple on upper-left panel above).  Low pressure will also start developing well offshore (also circled).  Occasional, light snow/snow showers will develop after about 7 PM this evening.  Only looking for a coating to an inch or so, with lows 9-15.  The light snow ends before most of us wake up Saturday.  Otherwise, mixed sun & clouds tomorrow.  A northwest breeze at 10-15 mph and highs in the 20′s.  Saturday night will be partly cloudy to clear, with lows between 7-14.  Sunday looks sunny (and still a bit breezy for a while) with highs between 26-31.  We should be able to reach or exceed freezing in many parts of the area Monday, however it looks like a little light snow will develop, then change to a light mix later in the day as a warm front nears.

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